N5MBM Chappell Hill VHF/UHF Crossband repeater - Operational as of 2/14/2014

Our old cross band repeater is back up and running.  It uses a pair of old frequency agile Motorola Maxtracs feeding a dual band antenna towering over the landscape at 20 ft.AGL, covering the entire Chappell Hill metroplex area and most of the East end of Washington County, burning up the airwaves with a blistering 22 watts worth of pure RF power.  Although it is frequency agile, the VHF side is usually parked on the W5AUM 147.260 repeater in Brenham, TX.  so I can talk into town on my HT on the front porch while watching a sunrise or sunset.  The UHF side is open to anyone who wants to use it 24/7, but users need to contact n5mbm@n5mbm.net for the frequency and tone information for the UHF input.  This cross-band repeater serves the local Chappell Hill area to connect it to Brenham and the rest of Washington County for ARES work when needed.

Our old Icom Mobile rig that pulled duty for many, many years finally died due to old age...  May it rest in pieces...


N5MBM X-Band Repeater in Chappell Hill, TX.  -  Live Audio Feed -  Permanently DOWN at the request of WCARC - Motorola Maxtrac on dual band antenna at 25 ft. AGL.


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