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This is just a quick and dirty band conditions page that I reach from my cellphone.

Terrestrial Band conditions

Sunlit Map With MUF Data and Solar Conditions

Solar Terrestrial Data

Solar Global Terrestrial Data

EME - Earth View From Moon

Current Solar System Alignment


Auroral Activity

Aurora (also known as "aurora borealis" or "northern lights") is caused by interaction between the Earth's magnetic field and the solar wind (a mix of charged particles blowing away from the sun).  During storms, enough of these charged particles make it through to the Earth's upper atmosphere that they interact with the earths natural magnetic field lines.  When enough of these particles collide, energy is released in the form of auroral light.  In addition to creating a pretty light show (mostly in upper latitudes), ham radio signals scatter off of these particles and can greatly enhance propagation on the VHF and UHF ham radio bands. High levels of aurora can also make HF ham radio propagation via polar routes difficult.

Northern Hemisphere
Auroral Activity

Northern Hemisphere Aurora


Southern Hemisphere
Auroral Activity

Southern Hemisphere Aurora


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Images courtesy of the NOAA Auroral Activity site



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