Node/Command Input

The node number is carried from the display page. A different node number can be entered but it must reside on the same server you are interrogating. Enter just the node number for status.

Command is an assigned Allstar function which will be sent to the given node. Use the drop down to quickly enter common commands or select "Enter Command Below" and enter a command in the command window. Some commands require that a "Remote" node be given such as connect and disconnect. Commands are preceded by a '*' and are the same commands that would be entered on the radio via DTMF. Example - *340000 - connect to node 40000

If just the node number is entered the status page for that node is displayed with a refresh time of 1 minute. If both the node and a valid command are entered the command is executed and the status page is displayed with an update 5 seconds later. Subsequent refreshes are at 1 minute. The status page can be manually updated at any time by hitting the browser reload button.

Additional drop down commands can be added by editing this script