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On this page I will chronicle the new erection projects here at the farm.  Previous projects included a 35 ft. stamped steel tower resurrected from the trash heap after several storms - it has every band covered from 28Mhz-1.2GHz with beam antennas.  We also have a 50 ft. Rohn 25G tower mounted to our barn that carries most of our shacks HF/VHF/UHF omnidirectional communications.  Along the ridge of the roof on the guest house we have multiple tripods with beam and omni antennas mounted on rotors for various bands.

I have THREE towers I am going to try to put up this summer (2015).  The first is an all aluminum crank up/fold over tower manufactured by for my small HF antennas for the shack.  The second is a 40 ft. surplus Rohn 45G tower for my large HF antennas for the shack.  Third is a big, heavy duty and brand spanking new Rohn 55G tower for the repeater hut - hopefully to be topped out at 100 ft!  Summer is the best time to do this since it is when the soil is the most stable.  The Texas heat doesn't make this job any easier and I am not looking forward to doing this in the heat of the year - but it is the best time to do it!

35 ft. man lift from Home Depot

These erections will be a little different though...  I have recently fallen in LOVE with man lift's!  The last one I used from Home Depot was 35 ft. tall and turned a 2 day, 2 tower maintenance project into a surprisingly short several hour Saturday project that made me wonder why in the hell I would EVER do tower work without one again!  It's like a crane - but better!  RSC Equipment has 75 ft. tall ones!  Owning one would be nice, but at 20-70 grand, they are a little out of my price range.  The renting of one of these bad boys should make THIS erection go much more smoothly...  Think seriously about one the next time you have tower work to do!


Click on the links below for the different projects

The "Aluma" Tower - All aluminum crank up/fold over 31 ft. tower for the shack

The Rohn 45G/55G tower projects for the Repeater hut



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